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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?

As long as Hair Extensions are correctly applied, maintained and removed by a qualified professional there should be no damage to your own hair. You must also follow the instructions and after care advice given to you by your Hair Extension Technician to avoid causing any damage to either your hair or the Hair Extensions.

How long does my own hair have to be?

To be suitable for Hair Extensions your own hair needs to be at least 4 inches long (i.e long enough to fit into a ponytail, even if it’s just a short one!)

Will anyone know I am wearing Hair Extensions?

No one should be able to tell. A technician who can help you choose the right length, colour, texture and style is very important. Every set of our Hair Extensions is individually tailored to suit you, complete with smaller finer strands placed around your hairline and crown to make them virtually undetectable.

How long will my Hair Extensions last for?

Most of our methods last around 3 months, after which they should be removed by a professional Hair Extension Technician. Any decent technician who has had professional training will advise you the same. If you leave them in for longer this they may get matted making removal more difficult. It may also put the natural hair roots under strain as the Hair Extension attachments will be a considerable distance from your scalp after 3 months. Micro Rings that have been correctly maintained can last approximately 3- 5 months. Micro Ring Wefts last around 1 month before needing to be re-positioned and Cold Glue Fusion is a temporary method that lasts 1-2 weeks.

Can I re-use my extension hair?

This is a potential option for Micro Rings (Micro Links) and Micro Ring Wefts. These are the only methods where the installation tip at the top of hair extension is undamaged by removal. This should only be done if the extension hair has been exceptionally well looked after and is in excellent condition with no damage or splitting.

How long does it take to apply Hair Extensions?

This depends on each individual client and how much hair they have. A full head usually takes 4 hours to fit on average and a half head takes around 2-3 hours. Cutting and styling takes additional time.

What type of extension hair do you use?

More often than not we use 100% Indian Remy Human Hair. This is amongst the best hair in the world and will give you long lasting, beautiful quality hair. Most Hair Extensions weigh either 0.5g per strand (which may give you with fairly thin looking extensions) or 1g per strand (which may be too heavy for your follicles and therefore put unnecessary strain on your roots). With our Indian Remy, we have sourced the perfect balance of 0.8g per strand which will give you full voluminous extensions without putting excess strain on your own hair.

European, Brazilian, Yaki and Russian hair is also available on request.

How will you match the Hair Extension colour to my own?

If a face to face consultation is possible then your colour will be matched during this session. However, if distance and time mean that your consultation has to be done over the phone, you can send me some photos via text or email plus a sample of your hair in the post. This can either be a small cutting or the contents of your hairbrush. Approximately 50% of our clients colour match this way.

Can I mix different Hair Extension colours?

Mixing colours is a brilliant idea. Most people have more than one colour in their hair so blending several Hair Extensions colours together will give a more natural look. More often than not, we will use between 2 and 4 different colours to create you the perfect colour blend. It is also a great way to create highlights, lowlights or fashionable colour flashes. Most extensionists will charge you upwards of an additional £20 per extra colour but we include MULTIPLE COLOURS FREE OF CHARGE.

Can I colour my Hair Extensions?

With so many extension colours readily available it is unlikely that you’ll need to dye them but as the extension hair is 100% human hair, they may be coloured. It is however strongly advised to do a strand test first as the extension hair may “take” the colour differently to your own hair. Try to avoid getting any hair dye on the bonds or rings themselves. Colouring your Hair Extensions is done so at your own risk.

Can I supply my own hair?

There are many places to source Hair Extensions from online, some more trustworthy than others. At iLove Hair Extensions, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and therefore prefer to fit hair that we have sourced ourselves. This way we can guarantee you some of the best quality hair currently on the market. However we do understand the reasons why some clients prefer to use hair that they have sourced themselves so we can provide a fitting only service from £120.

How often should I wash my Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions should be washed 2 or 3 times a week. Too much or too little washing can have a negative effect on the attachment bonds.

Can I heat style my Hair Extensions?

All our Hair Extensions can be treated like your natural hair. They can be blow dried, straightened or curled in exactly the same manner as you would your own hair.

What styling products can I use?

You can use any styling products you wish on your Hair Extensions. Just avoid getting products on the bonds or Micro Rings (especially if the product contains silicone).

What is Maintenance?

During a Maintenance session, your Hair Extension Technician will carefully check all of your bonds / Micro Rings. Any Hair Extension strands that you may have lost will be re-attached or replaced with new ones. Thinning or damaged strands will also be removed and replaced. Any tangles or matting will be combed out and if necessary, some strands may be moved or re-arranged to avoid any potential strain or future damage to your own hair. Micro Rings can be moved further up the shaft if required.

How often should I have Maintenance?

A Hair Extension maintenance session should be carried out by a professional technician once every 4-6 weeks. Maintenance sessions usually take 1 – 3 hours depending on how much work needs doing.

What preparation should I do before having my Hair Extensions fitted?

You will need to wash your hair twice with clarifying shampoo on the day of your fitting. Do not use conditioner or any other styling products. Blow-dry your hair straight and smooth with straightening irons.

How will the Hair Extensions feel?

To ensure your Hair Extensions last for 3 months they are fitted fairly close to your scalp. This combined with the fact that your head will be carrying more weight than it is used to may make your scalp feel a little unusual for the first few days, especially if you are new to Hair Extensions. Please don’t worry as this feeling will disappear within a day or so. Very soon you won’t even realise you have them in!

Should I expect to lose much extension hair?

You can expect to experience some shedding and you may lose some entire extension strands but do not worry as this is quite normal. Any thinning or missing extension strands will be replaced during your next maintenance visit.

Can I remove hair extensions myself?

It is highly recommended that you get a professional Hair Extension Technician to remove your Hair Extensions. Removal by an untrained person can result in damage to the natural hair. iLove Hair Extensions cannot be held responsible for any damage to your own hair should you attempt to remove the Hair Extensions yourself.

Will Hair Extensions make my own hair thinner?

Absolutely not. Most people are unaware that their own hair sheds on a daily basis as part of the natural hair cycle process. In fact it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. This natural hair loss continues whilst you are wearing Hair Extensions but as it’s caught up in your attachments, it won’t be lost as normal. So when the time comes for your hair extensions to be removed, all of that normal hair that has already been shed is released and it can appear as though a lot of hair is coming out all at once.  Bear in mind that if you are wear hair extensions for 12 weeks that’s up to 8400 hairs you will have shed during this natural process! You may also think that your hair feels thinner afterwards but this will be because you have been used to having much thicker hair when wearing the Hair Extensions.
iLove Hair Extensions can accept no liability for damage to either your own hair or extension hair due to negligence on the part of the client. It is of paramount importance that clients follow all aftercare advice thoroughly using appropriate products and styling techniques. Regular maintenance appointments are necessary for both the health of your own hair and the general up-keep of the quality of the extensions. Removal should always be carried out by an experienced professional using the correct products. We cannot be held responsible for any issues if hair extensions supplied by us have been maintained or removed by another extensionist.

Mobile Hair Extensionist / Mobile Hair Extension Technician providing Hair Extensions for Hertfordshire (Herts), Bedfordshire (Beds), Cambridgeshire (Cambs), Essex, North London and East London.

Some of the areas we cover include:
Milton Keynes, Newport Pagnell, Bedford, Northampton, Wellingborough, Peterborough, St. Neots, Biggleswade, Sandy, Potton, Huntingdon, St. Ives, Cambourne, Cambridge, Newmarket, Saffron Walden, Stansted, Bishops Stortford, Sawbridgeworth, Ongar, Epping, Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Woodford Green, Chigwell, Romford, Hornchurch, Basildon, Brentwood, Upminster, South Ockendon, Thurrock, Grays, Chafford Hundred, Ware, Hoddesdon, Broxbourne, Waltham Abbey, Barnet, Enfield, Finchley, Borehamwood, Elstree, Radlett, Watford, Rickmansworth, Bushey, Potters Bar, Muswell Hill, Edgware, Islington, St. Albans, Harpenden, Luton, Dunstable, Hatfield, Welwyn, Welwyn Garden City, Hertford, Harlow, Royston, Buntingford, Baldock, Shefford, Arlesey, Stotfold, Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Knebworth, Ampthill, Flitwick.

Alternatively you can have your hair extensions fitted at our base in Potton, Bedfordshire.